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Dates  : December 28 - 29, 2020

Platform : Online via Zoom |  |  Time : 03.00 PM to 07.00 PM IST 

About the Conference : This Conference is designed with the intention to promote research passion and temper among the Young and the Seniors as research and development is the back bone of any institution and to say to any country.
About the Organizers : This Conference is Organized by  REd Talks International (Research Educational Talks) Powered by Ratna Prasad Multidisciplinary Research Educational Society, an International Renowned Institute since 2012  Regd with NITI Aayog Govt of India Regd under AP State Govt Soc Act, Regd with MSME Govt of India & Recognized and associated with many Universities in India & Abroad in collaboration with IMRF Institute of Higher Education & Research, India, IIM Australia, IIST Malaysia & DRPF Macedonia .
Who can Apply : Faculty, Research Scholars, Students from  Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Language, Literature, Education and Library Science Departments.
Call for Papers :

Original research papers in Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Language, Literature, Education and Library Science Departments and allied subjects are invited for presentation from Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars, Faculty, Scientists.​

Women Studies

Women’s Issues like Education | Leadership | Safety | Health | Empowerment | Challenges and/or any topic in relation to women’s and gender studies | Feminist method | Gender studies | Gender mainstreaming | Gynocentrism | Kyriarchy | Matriarchy | Women's studies | Patriarchy | Écritureféminine | Leadership etc., and allied subjects.


Gender Equality

Gender Equality & Educational Systems | Toxic Masculinity | Resocialization of Men | Socialization of Boys | Legal Remedies | Implementing Law | Law and Accountability | Inheritance Rights | Gender and Sexual Diversity | Women’s Human Rights | Women, Climate Change and Inequality | Women Empowerment and Social Change | Challenging Male Dominance  | Consciousness-Raising  | Men as Allies in Struggle | Women, Media and Technology  | Transgender Rights and Sexual Diversity | Women’s Success Stories  | Cyber Feminisms—Blogs, Zines and Reproductive Rights | Activist Art | Women’s Spirituality and Religion | Trafficking and Prostitution  | Women in Politics and Public Administration.



Primary education | Secondary education | Higher education | Vocational education | Adult education | Alternative education | Madrasa education | Woman education | Dance education | Distance education | International studies | Journalism education | Special education | Vocational education etc., and allied subjects.

Legal Studies :

Legal theory - Philosophy | Positive law and non-positive law discussions |Economic analysis |Sociology
Legal systems - Civil law |Common law and equity | Religious law | Sharia law | Legal subjects - International law | Constitutional and administrative law | Criminal law | Contract law| Tort law |Property law | Equity & trusts etc., and allied fields

Digitization :

Economic Development and Policy | E Governance - Digital divide| Digital Governance| Digitalization of Unorganized sector| Economics| Consumer Choice| Digitalization- Impact on society| Digitalization – Impact on Mental Health | Cyber Bullying | Technology & Youth | Trends in Social Media| Democracy |Politics| Sociology| Information Literacy and e Learning | Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights | Digital Preservation and Technical Gaps |Cultural / Heritage Assets and Societal Value | Grey Literature – Digital Preservation | Institutional Repositories -Preservation Techniques | Social Media Networking in Libraries | Trends in LIS Research topics etc., and allied fields.

Management & Economics :

Accounting | Actuarial Science | Organizational Behaviour |Customer Relationship Management |Supply Chain Management|Taxation| Marketing| Retailing | FINTECH | E-commerce | Human Resources Management | CSR Promotion of Social Causes | Emerging Economies| Entrepreneurship | Digitizing Products | Design Thinking | Valuation of E commerce companies | Disruptive Technologies | Actuarial science |Computer science | Economics | Finance | Information systems |  Manufacturing | Organizational psychology | Quantitative finance | Quantitative management | Banking and finance | Business | Business Ethics | E- commerce | Human Resources | Management etc.,  and allied fields with other disciplines with related to Management, Business, Economics & CSR Community.  

Important Dates

Last Date to Submit Abstract : 25/12/2020
Last Date to Register                   : 26/12/2020
Last Date to Submit Full Paper for Publication if interested : 30/12/2020
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Paper Presenter          :    1000 INR | 150 USD 
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Paper Presenter          : 1500 INR | 200 USD 
10 Min Presentation Live Time +
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Listener Participant  :   500 INR | 100 USD
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Listener Participant  :    1000 INR | 150 USD
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Indian Payment Method
If  Interested in Post Conference Publications
Payment to be done after Publication Acceptance
Human Rights International Research Journal  ( Online )    : Free
ISBN Book   (Your Paper as a Chapter upto 6 A4 Pages )         : 1000 INR | 100 USD
After 6 Pages Each page Costs   200 INR | 10 USD
Scopus Journals    * Processing Fee Apply
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Scopus Indexed Journal Name:- Universal Journal of Educational Research |  ISSN  2332-3213 | Q4  | H Index 3

Acceptance :  : 45 days | Publication :  90 days

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